Places in SAEPS Swimming Program filling quickly

Planning for the SAEPS Swimming Program is well under way. Permission and medical notices were sent home to parents last week. Already over sixty children have returned their notices and will be attending the program. Places are filling quickly. I’m sure demand for places will be greater than the 96 places we have available to us, and unfortunately some children will miss out on developing their water safety and swimming skills.

Getting ready for a busy term

Term 4 has commenced and is already building up to be a very busy time at SAEPS. Planning has began for the Whole School Swimming program that will be held from December 2nd to 13th. We are going to Maribyrnong Aquatic Centre which offers a well balanced progam in a safe environment.

Approximately 10 students are preparing to attend Camp Woorabinda from December 9th to 13th. The camp which is located near Moe, is run by The Department of Education and Early Childhood. The camp is for Year 4 and 5 students delivers a focused educational program based around bush craft.

In PE the Year 5/6s will be focusing on Major games such as badminton and hockey. They will continue to participate in co-operative activities, ball-handling and fitness activities. The Year 3/4s have begun the term participating in a unit of Volleyball, building on their skills learnt earlier this when playing Newcomb. They will also be involved in units on Gymnastics, co-operative games and Teeball. The Year 1/2s have begun the term concentrating on improving their skipping skills. They have also practised safe running in a group. They will be working on developing their balance, ball-handling and jumping skills. The Preps have begun the term with a unit designed to make them more aware of others when working in the hall. They will aslo be working on dodging, gymnastics and balance skills.

Term Three Reflections

With Term Three coming to an end, it is time to reflect on some of the events that have occurred in PE at SAEPS. Year 3-6 students have focussed on developing their athletics skills in readiness for the District Athletics Carnival. As a results of their performances at the carnival, six of our students were invited to attend the Regional Athletics which are being held later this week. Year 3-4 students also participated in a mini AFL football unit to help them develop their skills in preparation Western Bulldogs Cultural Cup footy gala day.

Prep -2 students have continued to develop and refine fundamental motor skills such as dodging, running and forehand strike. Year 1-2 students also have continued to improve their skipping skills. It’s great to see many of them skipping in the yard at recess and lunch time.

AASC for this term has seen the students participate in Pakour(movement) and Karate. Both coaches, Wendy for Karate and Sam for Pakour have worked hard to provide an enjoyable and challenging program. The participants have developed their skills and fitness levels. Both coaches have been impressed with the behaviour and effort of all children.

Student Compete in Athletics Carnival

On Friday, August 23rd approximately 200 Yr 3-6 students competed in the annual St Albans East Athletics Carnival. The Carnival was held on the school oval with children competing in a variety of athletic events. Despite the weather being inclement, the children competed with enthusiasm and many great efforts were  achieved. The carnival was won by Green house. Those children who performed well on the day have been invited to attend the District Sports which will be held on Thursday, September 5th.

Term Three Active After School Communities Program commences

Last week the Active After School Communities program commenced for term 3. AASC is a program funded by the Federal Government and aims at increasing children’s participation in physical activity and fitness levels, as well as improving student engagement, school connectiveness and academic performance through involvement in sporting activities. The activities for this term are Karate on Monday nights and Fitness Activities on Thursday. Approximately 20 children are participating in each session, working with enthusiasm to improve their skills. The children are looking forward to the sessions this week.

Students preparing for School Athletics Day

The St Albans East PS Athletics Carnival will be held on Friday, August 23rd. The carnival is a great opportunity for our students to compete in sporting events and show off their athletic skills. Year 3-6 students have been working in Phys Ed on improving their athletics skills in readiness for the event. The students have had experience with high jump, long jump, triple jump, shot put, discus, hurdles and running. Students who perform well will have the opportunity to represent St Albans East at the District Athletics Carnival to be held on Thursday, September 5th.

Year 3-6 students also participated in a mini unit on cooperative games. Students enjoyed these activities and displayed good problem solving skills, teamwork and cooperation.

Prep students have been working on improving the fundamental motor skills of running and catching.

Year 1-2 students have been working hard to improve their skipping skills this term, with almost all students successfully displaying this skill. They have also participated in a unit on kicking.


Phys Ed at SAEPS- an overview

Students at St Albans East participate in a 1 hour Physical Education lesson each week. The aim of the program is to develop knowledge, skills and motivation to seek health and physical competence through lifelong involvement in physical activity. Physical Education seeks to promote healthy lifestyles among students. Many of the activities that the students will be involved in are based around developing their fundamental motor skills such as throwing, catching, running, kicking, jumping and striking. Most skills used in sport and movement activities arre advanced versions of fundamental motor skills. Other areas that will be covered during the year include sport and sport education, gymnastics, dance, cooperative acvtivities and athletics.



Welcome to the SAEPS Physical Education blog.

Hi, my name is Graham Sherwill and I am the Physical Education teacher at SAEPS. During this term, the years 3-6 will be preparing for the Athletics Carnival, which will be held towards the end of term. During PE lessons the children will have the opportunity to develop a variety of athletics skills, including High Jump, Long Jump, Triple Jump, Discuss, Shot Put and Sprinting. The children will also participate in variety of cooperative games and activities. Prep children will be working on units of throwing and catching, balance and developing motor skills. Year 1/2 will working on developing kicking, dodging and leaping skills.


Creating healthy bodies and minds

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