term 3

Welcome back to SAEPS for Term 3. During this term the students will be engaged in a variety of physical activities, games and movement challenges. Students will have opportunities to develop new skills, consolidate others and have opportunities to practise their decision making. 

Students in Foundation will begin the term with a unit on small ball handling skills and skipping.Year 1/2 students will focus on developing their tennis skills, with a strong emphasis on forehand strike. Students in years 3-6 will be busy preparing for the school athletics carnival which will be held later in the term.

Next week we have 16 Year 5/6 students attending Somers School Camp. Somers is camp owned and operated and will be held from Tuesday July 26th to Wednesday, August 3rd.



The camp has both indoor and outdoor activities all run by specialist permanent teaching staff. The activities are mainly physical and outdoor and include High and Low Ropes Courses, Boating, Rock Climbing, Abseiling, Challenge Swing and Initiative Activities which require a reasonable level of physical fitness. All children are also required to take part in the following activities: Archery, Art, Drama, Environmental Studies, Bush Cooking, Orienteering, Bike Education, Flying Fox, Bush Dancing, Disco Night, Singing and Diary Writing.




Term 3 2016-Student Voice

Another term at SAEPS is fast coming to an end. During this term children have participated in a range of activities that have allowed them to develop a range of skills. They enjoyed their experiences and displayed enthusiasm when participating.

Prep children have been participated in units on ball-handling, movement and gymnastics. They especially enjoyed learning how to perform forward rolls.

Year 1/2 children have also been working on developing their ball-handling skills, concentrating on throwing and catching, and learning how to perform a dive roll. The children also participated in a unit on tennis. They enjoyed learning skills associated with the game of tennis. Children are now more confident and show more control when throwing.

The children in Years 3/6 began the term working on improving their athletics skills in preparation for the school athletics carnival. Many of the children displayed great improvement in a range of skills. Following the athletics was a unit on table tennis. Although being a difficult game to learn, the children enjoyed participating and much improvement was shown.

What was your favourite activity in Physical Education during term 3? Tell me what you did and why you enjoyed this. If you have any ideas about what you would like to learn next term, please let me know. 


Somers Campers are having a fantastic time

15 students from SAEPS are having the experience of a lifetime participating in a variety of activities whilst staying at Somers Camp. They are continually facing challenges of all kinds with everyone still walking around the camp with huge smiles on their face. Below are some of the comments that they have made about their experiences.

The activities at Somers Camp are very exciting to do. My favourite activity was archery because l got to learn new skills.           Thinh

I have made lots of new friends. I miss my family, but l am going to see them on Sunday.                      Lavonia

I like Somers because it is fun. Last night we went on a bush walk and it was fun, but cold. The beach was freezing. I have made lots of new friends.                                    Amy

For the last three days l have made lots of friends and l hope to make more.                               Rhiannon Ward

Somers Camp is awesome. We saw koalas. We made tea and damper in bush cooking. We made art on the beach. At night we told scary stories.      Tiffany

I am enjoying Somers Camp because l have made new friends. I like the food and l really enjoyed archery.        Chanh

Oh my God. The food is like heaven.        Garang

I wish l could never leave here.            Zac

The camp is amazing. l have loved archery and orienteering. It is a really a very big camp and it is very enjoyable.      Lindzy

The food is yummy and it is fun exploring the camp.     Khen

I am really having fun at Somers camp and it is the best.      Paul

OMG! I hope l come back here another time.         Connor

We had a great day today. We did the low ropes course. It was really easy, except for the log which was really challenging.           Anna

I have had a great time doing all sorts of activities. My favourite one was eating all the delicious food. It is great.     Shane

We are having a great time and the teachers are really nice. The night hike was exciting. We walked along the beach.   Rhiannon Williams



Students preparing for Somers School Camp

16 students from Yr 5/6 are preparing to attend Somers School Camp. Somers is a nine day camp owned and operated by The Department of Education and Early Childhood. The camp will be held from July 26th to August 3rd.

The children attending will participate in a range of outdoor and environmental activities in a safe and secure learning environment. Activities are mainly physical and include High and Low Ropes Courses, Abseiling, Challenge Swing and Initiative Activities. All children are also required to take part in the following activities: Archery, Art, Drama, Environmental Studies, Bush Cooking, Canoeing, Orienteering, Flying Fox, Music and Diary Writing.

Somers is a great camp and provides children with the opportunity to accept challenges, improve their self-esteem, meet and mix with others from our local area, have fun and learn at the same time.

I am really looking forward for the environmental studies and making new friends.   Lindzy

We are looking forward to going to Somers because we can make new friends and do new activities   Amy and Rhiannon

I cant wait to go to camp to do fun activities and listening to spookey stories at night.  Anna

I can’t wait to go boating.  Lavonia

I am looking forward to meeting new people and having fun.  Zac

I’m really looking forward to going on the flying fox (I LOVE THE FLYING FOX) but I am mainly going because it’s fun to go outside and learn new things. Connor

I’m expecting lots of food (probably thirds), activities (3-5 a day) and lots of cabin rules. Shane

I’m looking forward to canoeing and the flying fox. Kordan

We look forward to going on the flying fox, eating spectacular food and doing lots of fun activities. Khen and Garang.

Welcome back to SAEPS for a new year

Welcome back to SAEPS for 2016.  I hope everyone had a great time over the Christmas break and are fully refreshed and ready for another busy school year. The children have done a great job settling into school life over the past few days. It’s great to see so many happy children excited  about returning to school and eager to participate in learning activities.

All children will participate in a weekly 1 hour Physical Education lesson. Physical Education aims to develop children’s knowledge, understandings and a broad range of physical skills. It focuses on children enhancing their own and other’s health, well-being, safety and physical participation in a variety of activities.

During the year children will participate in a range of competitive and non-competitive games, as well as skill development sessions to improve a range of fundamental motor skills. In these activities they will have opportunities to develop teamwork, collaboration and leadership skills. As a result of their participation in Physical Education activities children will also have opportunities to enhance their social, emotional and cooperative skills.

Many of the activities that the children will be involved in are based around developing their fundamental motor skills such as running, dodging, leaping, jumping, skipping, kicking, throwing, catching and striking. Most skills used in sport and movement activities are advanced versions of fundamental motor skills.

Sport and sport education, gymnastics, dance, swimming, cooperative activities and athletics will also be included in the curriculum. The children will also be involved in fitness activities each lesson.

Prep children will also participate in a weekly Perceptual Motor Program session which aims to develop language, motor, visual, auditory, social skills and memory space such as the ability to remember instructions and recall information.

Students compete at District Athletics

Last Friday, August 28th, approximately 50 students competed in the St Albans District Primary Schools Athletics Carnival held at the Keilor Athletics Track. They competed in a number of athletics events, including 100, 200 and 800 metres running, hurdles long jump, triple jump, high jump, discus, shot put and relay. The students had been preparing for the Carnival over the last few weeks practising for their events and were excited about competing against students from other schools. Unfortunately the weather was not the best, but this did not deter our students from having a fantastic day, and producing some excellent results.

Gloria was a star again this year winning 3 events. Others to gain a first place were Andrew, Jason, Anet, Leisha, Esera, Lance and the 12 yr old girls relay which consisted of Annie, Elleni, Lani and Gloria. Kathy, Rebecca, Jackson, Hannah, Nandana also performed well in their events. All these students have been chosen to represent our district at the Division finals which are being held next Tuesday, September 8th.

Last Friday, I loved competing with other schools and seeing how they good  were.I enjoyed competing and cooperating with children from other schools. I loved doing Long jump and Triple jump. Every one tried there best. Hannah.

The thing I loved about last Friday was the team work our school had,and the support we all had towards each other. Gloria.

Our school did well and we did our best.We competed with other schools. Rebecca.

I liked it when i was competing with the other school they were very nice. Anet.

We each competed in events, some of us winning and getting a place, some of us not, but we all tried our best. Now some of  us are going to the division finals,the next step.When ever there was an event, we always supported each other even the other schools.while other schools ran amok and misbehaved our school was on it best behavior! As the school captain was proud of our school.Even thought at the end of the day we were all exhausted we all had a great time and were proud of our school. Elleni.




Yellow takes first place

Yellow House wins Athletics Carnival

Last Friday, August 7th we held our Year 3-6 Athletics Carnival on the school oval with all students participating in a variety of athletic events. Students competed in sprints, 800 metres, hurdles, discus, shot put, high jump, long jump and triple jump. They had practised these skills during Physical Education lessons this term as well as at lunchtimes, and were excited about performing them in competitive situations.

All students assembled in their House groups in the hall for a meeting, before beginning a very busy day competing. There were many great performances during the day, with all students trying hard to do their best. Some students competed really well, displaying great talent by winning multiple events. Unfortunately there can be only one winner for the day and that was Yellow House. Well done.

Those students who performed well will have the opportunity to be selected in the School Athletics Team which will compete in the St Albans District Carnival on Friday, August 28th.

I loved the fact I tried hard, and I came 2nd for Hurdles and in 800 metres I came 1st .Wendy.

I thought it was amazing to see how fast people could run when they tried.Hannah.

I thought it was amazing.Lance

I enjoyed getting in the lead for 800 meters. Ariel.

I thought it awesome because you get to do sport for the whole day. Huy

It was amazing because I tried hard in 800 metres, I came 4th it was very fun. Rubal.

I thought it was an amazing day. I tried my best in Long jump and I.came 3rd. Cindy.





Intergrating ICT into Physical Education

Our Year 5/6 children have been allotted an iPad for classroom use during the year. This week they brought them to PE lessons. The learning focus for the lesson was to video, reflect on and adjust their performances They were working on throwing frisbees. After demonstrating how to throw a frisbee, it was time for the children to begin their task. The children were working in pairs. First, one of the children videoed their partner having 3 attempts at throwing the frisbees. They then swapped roles so that all children had a video of their performance. They then had to analyse their attempts and choose their best effort. The children then had to edit their video so that they only kept their best performance. Next the children had to reflect on what components of the skill were missing(if any) from their best effort. They then had the opportunity to discuss with me what components were missing and what they needed to do to adjust and improve their frisbee throwing. Most of the children were able to reflect with some success and then went away to adjust their techniques. The children enjoyed the opportunity to use their iPads in PE and felt it was a worthwhile exercise. We will use them again in the future.


During the past two weeks all year levels have been participating in a unit of work covering gymnastics.

The children in Foundation level have been developing their ability to perform a forward roll from a crouch position. Most of the children have been successful in performing this skill.

In Year 1/2 we have been focusing on learning how to perform a forward roll with a straddle. Some of the children mastered this skill with relative ease, so they were given the opportunity to extend themselves by learning how to perform a dive roll.

Year 3/4 were focusing on the dive roll. They enjoyed the lessons and some of them were diving through hoops and over foam objects.

Year 5/6 were also concentrating on developing their dive rolls. they started with simple dive rolls, before progressing to diving through hoops and over objects similar t the 3/4s. To extend the children in this level, they had to dive simultaneously with others. It was great to see children working cooperatively and to achieve success.

Happenings in the Hall

It’s been another great week in PE. Children have participated in a range of activities providing for many different learning outcomes. They enjoyed their experiences and displayed vigor and vitality when challenged to learn and develop their skills.

Our little Preps practiced running safely in a confined space and enjoyed playing a new running game. They are beginning to display more awareness of other children when they are moving and most are displaying safe behaviour. The main focus of the lesson was to learn how to dance the ‘Emus and Kangaroos’- an Australian Bush dance. The children had a lot of fun learning the steps and most of them were able to perform the dance.

The Year 1/2 children participated in activities based around developing kicking and dribbling skills. They tried hard to improve their skills and these were on display in some minor kicking games that were played. There was a huge range in abilities on show as some of the boys play games of soccer continuously at recess and lunch breaks. One of our boys, Amir has such good skills that he was made captain of his local soccer team. A future Timmy Cahill.

For the children in Year 3/4 this week was on opportunity for the children to take responsibility and organise their own games of Newcomb. Over the past few weeks the focus has been to develop their skills and knowledge of how to play the game. It was great to see that they were able to work together cooperatively and get themselves organised(with only a little help).  They played some great games with many long rallies.

The Year 5/6 brought their ipads to PE this week and the focus was to be able to analyse and reflect on their performance. Working in pairs, they took a video of each other performing a variety of actions including safety rolls on the large gym mat, running between rungs of a ladder and balancing on beams. They enjoyed viewing the footage and most children were able to suggest what they could do to improve on their performance. One of the highlights of the week for me was Cindy performing her first ever safety roll correctly. We timed everyone running the ladder. They were keen to see who was the quickest. The children have probably never showed as much enthusiasm before when working with numbers, when they used their ipads to record the time it took everyone to run. The other highlight of the week was yours truly being timed at almost half a second quicker than any of the children.

Creating healthy bodies and minds

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