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St Albans Heights visit SAEPS for Interschool Sport

Today we competed against St Albans Heights in Interschool Sport. We won a few of the matches and it was great to see our students displaying their much improved skills.

Tennis- by Aziza and Amy

We are going to tell you about our match against St Albans Heights today. We played tennis and won 5 games to 1. We are really proud of ourselves and surprised that we won for the first time. When we heard that we won we were really happy but winning isn’t everything. They played fairly and were really nice.

Girls Basketball- by Marie and Ave

Today we played St Albans Height in girls basketball. Our team played great and we won. The score were 11 to 2. We all tried our best and most importantly we all had fun, played fairly and were proud of our team

Boys Basketball- by David

Today we took on St Albans Heights in boys basketball. We won 13 points to 2. I was happy and proud that we won.

Girls Teeball- by Miranda

Today we played against the friendly St Albans Heights team in teeball. I was captain today and it was really fun even though l was a bit nervous.  We were really proud of ourselves. The final scores were 21 to 18. We only won by a team efforrt and worked really well together.

Boys Teeball- by Edward and Peter

Today we played Interschool Sport against St SAlbans Heights in boys teeball. We had a blast. When the results came in we found out it was a draw. 21 runs each. We were happy and we enjoyed the game.

Interschool Sport matches against Holy Eucharist

Today Holy Eucharist visited us for Interschool Sport. Our students were looking forward to improving on last weeks performance. Once again we did not win many of the games but the students still enjoyed the competition. They felt they had improved their skills and understanding of being involved and playing in competitive games. Next week we are competing against  Heights at home and this will be another opportunity for our students to develop their skills.

Boys Basketball- by Alex and David

Today we played against Holy Eucharist in boys basketball. Unfortunately we lost 10 points to 14. We put lots of effort into the game. They played well against us.

Girls Teeball- by Breeah

We played against Holy Eucharist in todays Interschool Sport. The scores were East 14 and Holy Eucharist 17. Our team played amazingly that, if l could, l would leave my mouth hanging wide open. We lost but since we tried we were successful. Holy Eucharist were a competitive team but they did not the display the most sportsmanship. We might have been frustrated at the end, but since we lost by only 3 points we were still happy. I would like to thank our amazing coach Ms Briony and l hope we have better luck next time. Our Teeball team is the best.

Girls Basketball-by Anson

Hi my name is Anson and today we played against Holy Eucharist in girls basketball. The scores were East 2 and Holy Eucharist 4-we lost by 2 points. We were all disappointed because we lost but that just shows us that we have to practise more and not lose confidence or faith. We all tried our best and we had fun. Hopefully we will win the other rounds. Wish us luck.

Boys Teeball-by Edward

Hello everyone l am Edward. Today we played against Holy Eucharist in boys teeball. It was a draw. We had a fair game and we all had fun.

Tennis-by Cadence

Hi I’m CC and l am back with another report on tennis. Our opposing school was Holy Eucharist. They won and were really extreme players. The scores were East 1 and Holy Eucharist 5. It is really sad that we lost twice in a row, but we still enjoyed ourselves and had lots of fun. Hopefully next Friday we will win.

23/03/2018 Holy Eucharist

Hi my name is Lavina, this is  Sapa and Azaria. Our team mates were  Esther, Kuini, Jada, Haylee, Vy and Kaylee. We played for the girls basketball. Sadly this is our last game for the term. The scores were 4  East and 12  Eucharist. They were really good and competitive. Unfortunately we lost, but still tried our best. We want to give a big thanks to Mr Zaitzev for being our couch and putting up with us through this term, and another big thanks to Mr Sherwill for organizing our games and encouraging us to do our best and have fun. Another HUGE shout out is to all the girls that put their effort and hearts into the games this term, and trying their best everyday even if it doesnt include sports. This term with the girls was really good, we helped each other, tried our best

Hi my name is Deven Denkey and this is Nikhil M, andtoday we played for the boys basketball. The scores were 8 SAEPS and 1 Holy Eucharist. We came out winning like the Richmond Tigers. We tried our best to try and win.

Term 2 Week 6

Over the last 3 weeks the Year 5/6 children have been developing their understanding of the rules and necessary skills associated with softball. They have found striking the ball very difficult to master. However through lots of practice, many began to feel more confident when attempting to strike the ball. General ball-handling skills improved during the 3 weeks such as throwing(both overhead and underarm), catching and fielding, as well as general game sense.

During the same period the rest of the school have participated in a unit of work covering Gymnastics. The Preps started off learning how to perform a straddle roll and forward roll from a crouch position. After that they learnt how to perform a running forward roll. Most of the Preps really enjoyed rolling about on the large gym mats.

The Years 1/2s and 3/4s were engaged in refining their running forward and dive rolls. They enjoyed the challenge of performing these skills and worked with enthusiasm to complete set tasks.

On display was a wide range of abilities with children working hard developing basic skills, extending themselves by diving through and over objects, as well as performing synchronized rolls with partners. Some of the children were diving in groups of 4 or 5. What fantastic teamwork.

It has been a busy 3 weeks with report writing, but we have had a lot of fun, kept safe and worked hard with many successes.

Welcome back to Physical Education at SAEPS

Welcome back to the SAEPS Physical Education blog for 2018.

Hi, my name is Graham Sherwill and I teach Physical Education. The aim of Physical Education is to develop children’s knowledge, movement skills and motivation to lay the foundations for a lifelong involvement in physical activity. Physical Education seeks to promote healthy lifestyles among children.

Many of the activities that the children will be involved in are based around developing their fundamental motor skills such as hopping, jumping, balancing, skipping, kicking, throwing, catching and striking. Most skills used in sport and movement activities are advanced versions of fundamental motor skills. Other areas that will be covered during the year include sport and sport education, gymnastics, dance, cooperative activities, athletics and swimming. The children will also be involved in regular fitness activities. I look forward to working with your children. If you have any questions, or would like to know how you can help your children at home, please come and see me in the hall.

If you would like to catch up with what is happening in Physical Education you may like to visit the PE blog. Address is















Hi, my name is Graham Sherwill and l am the  Physical Education teacher. The aim of Physical Education is to develop children’s knowledge, movement skills and motivation to lay the foundations for a lifelong    involvement in physical activity. The children will be involved in many activities based around  developing their fundamental motor skills including running, throwing, catching, kicking, striking,  balancing, jumping and skipping. Children will have opportunities to apply these skills in a variety of   minor and major games. Other areas covered  include gymnastics, cooperative activities, athletics sport education and swimming.


SAEPS travel to St Albans PS for Interschool Sport

Last Friday, May 12th we travelled to St Albans Primary School for Interschool Sport. We unfortunately did not win any of the matches, although the boy’s softball tied their match. If success is measured by winning and losing alone, then we are not doing very well. But if you consider how much the children have learnt about their respective sports through participation in Interschool Sport(skills, rules and tactical awareness) then it is evident that there has been success. Add to this the growth in confidence, self-esteem, social skills and the ability to work cooperatively with others in teams. Need l say more?

I would like to mention the efforts of one of our girls in the softball team. Tiffany volunteered to be the pitcher for the team, not having ever done it before. She began with quite a few loose balls, but did not give up and began to pitch a few good ones. However not too many though. She was having trouble with her technique. At the end of 1st innings the coach asked Tiffany if she wanted to stop pitching. There was a quick “No”- she wanted to continue. Walking out to pitch in the 2nd innings Tiffany began with similar results to the 1st innings. Some good ones and some not so good ones. However there was some improvement as the match continued. What was constant during all of this was the confidence Tiffany displayed in her skills, the way she never gave up, never worried about her poor pitches and the huge smile that was always on her face. Great effort Tiffany.

Today the girls’ softball team played with St Albans Primary School. The scores were St Albans 12 to St Albans East 7. Unfortunately, we lost but we had an amazing game and we learnt lots and also taught the other team some things as well. All our players were champions and we worked co-operatively. We were not expecting to play on a different field away from the school, but it seemed better since their oval was quite small. Written by Rebecca

Today, the tchoukball team played against St Albans Primary School. Even though we unfortunately lost with the scores 27 – 22, we tried our best to play on an unfamiliar court. We all played our best and scored many goals. Some outstanding players were Sa, Brian, Levi and Thinh who had great throws, strong catches and powerful goals. St Albans Primary School’s court had some things similar to ours such as a large D, but their rebounding nets that were stronger than ours. The whole team would like to thank Mr Mussel for being a great coach. Written by Kathleen and Kathy

My name is Anna and on Friday, we played netball against St Albans at their school. The scores were St Albans East 0 to St Albans 7. Even though we lost the game, it was fun playing and we are learning more about netball. Everyone tried their best and had a great time.

Today we played softball against St Albans Primary School. It was a very challenging game. They were a good side to play against. The scores turned out to be a tie. The scores were four all. Our best players were Ethan, Adrian and Leo. It was a fun game.  Written by Adrian and Khen

Hi, my name is Rohilh and today we played boys netball against St Albans Primary School. The scores were 4 to 0 St Albans Primary School’s way. We lost, but everyone had fun. They were great players and were victorious. It was a great game.


Welcome to 2017

I would like to welcome everyone back to the new school year and hope that you had a happy and safe holiday period. It is exciting to see many new faces around the place. We have a new Acting Principal, Paul Busuttil who I’m sure will bring fresh ideas to enhance our great school. We also have approximately 60 new Prep students. These little additions to our school community are full of excitement and have adjusted to school life really well. You can see the benefits of the Pre-Prep program that the school ran last year

All children at SAEPS participate in a weekly one hour Physical Education lesson. The curriculum focuses on children enhancing their own and other’s health, well-being, safety and physical activity participation in a range of various activities. It aims to develop childrens knowledge, skills and motivation to lay the foundations for a lifelong involvement in physical activity. Physical Education addresses the acquisition of movement skills, concepts and strategies to allow children to participate in a range of physical activities.

During the year children will participate in a range of competitive and non-competitive games, as well as skill development sessions to improve their fundamental motor skills. In these activities they will have opportunities to develop teamwork, collaboration and leadership skills. As a result of their participation in Physical Education activities children will also have opportunities to enhance their social, emotional and cooperative skills.

Many of the activities that the children will be involved in are based around developing their fundamental motor skills of which there are two groups. The first group is the locomotor skills such as running, rolling, jumping, balancing, dodging, leaping, skipping and hopping. The other group is object control skills such as bouncing, kicking, throwing, catching and striking. Most skills used in sport and movement activities are advanced versions of fundamental motor skills.

Sport and sport education, gymnastics, dance, swimming, cooperative activities and athletics are also be included in the curriculum. The children will also be involved in fitness activities each lesson. Prep children will also participate in a weekly Perceptual Motor Program session which aims to develop language, motor, visual, auditory, social skills and memory space such as the ability to remember instructions and recall information.


Students preparing for Somers School Camp

16 students from Yr 5/6 are preparing to attend Somers School Camp. Somers is a nine day camp owned and operated by The Department of Education and Early Childhood. The camp will be held from July 26th to August 3rd.

The children attending will participate in a range of outdoor and environmental activities in a safe and secure learning environment. Activities are mainly physical and include High and Low Ropes Courses, Abseiling, Challenge Swing and Initiative Activities. All children are also required to take part in the following activities: Archery, Art, Drama, Environmental Studies, Bush Cooking, Canoeing, Orienteering, Flying Fox, Music and Diary Writing.

Somers is a great camp and provides children with the opportunity to accept challenges, improve their self-esteem, meet and mix with others from our local area, have fun and learn at the same time.

I am really looking forward for the environmental studies and making new friends.   Lindzy

We are looking forward to going to Somers because we can make new friends and do new activities   Amy and Rhiannon

I cant wait to go to camp to do fun activities and listening to spookey stories at night.  Anna

I can’t wait to go boating.  Lavonia

I am looking forward to meeting new people and having fun.  Zac

I’m really looking forward to going on the flying fox (I LOVE THE FLYING FOX) but I am mainly going because it’s fun to go outside and learn new things. Connor

I’m expecting lots of food (probably thirds), activities (3-5 a day) and lots of cabin rules. Shane

I’m looking forward to canoeing and the flying fox. Kordan

We look forward to going on the flying fox, eating spectacular food and doing lots of fun activities. Khen and Garang.

Saeps soccer players perform well at gala days

Recently the Girls and the Boys soccer teams competed in the St Albans District Interschool Soccer  Gala days held at Keilor Park Soccer Ground. We were competing against seven other  local schools from our district.

The Girls played on Wednesday April 30th. Most of the team had been participants in the Active After School Communities Girls Soccer program held in 1st term. The girls had developed a range of skills in the program, but this was the first time they had played a competitive game where their skills were on display. In the first round, we played three matches, winning two and drawing the other. Their good performance in the early round enabled the girls to reach the final. They were very excited about playing in the final against the St Albans PS team. At half time the scores were nil all. The girls were playing well. Unfortunately after already playing three matches, our girls were beginning to get a little weary and could not keep up with the stronger opposition. They went down 2-0 in the final. All the girls improved their skills as the day progressed, were very proud of the efforts and had a great day.

The Boys played on the following Tuesday, May 6th. Although some of the boys regularly play in teams outside the school, for many of them this was also their first experience in a competitive soccer match. With a similar format to the girls, the boys played three early matches. The boys were successful winning them all, and like the girls, also reached the final. Unfortunately they came up against a very highly skilled team from St Albans Meadows PS and could not keep pace with them. Although trying very hard, the boys went down 8-0 in the final. The boys were also proud of their effort and were not too disappointed about losing the final.


2014 – A Year of Opportunities


2014 promises to be another exciting year at SAEPS with many opportunities for the children to learn and participate in games and other physical activities. I look forward to introducing the children to new games and activities throughout the year, and further developing their knowledge, understanding and skills. Not only will their physical skills, such as running, throwing, catching, jumping, striking, …etc be developed, but the children’s social, emotional, cooperative and leadership skills will also be enhanced as a result of their participation in physical activities.

The weekly one hour Physical Education lesson provides the children with the opportunity to learn and improve their competency in a range of physical skills. Involvement in competitive and non-competitive games allows them to practise and refine these skills, as well as providing opportunities to develop teamwork, collaboration, cooperation and leadership skills. Prep children will also participate in a Perceptual Motor Program which aims to develop language, motor, visual, auditory, social and memory space  such as the ability to remember instructions and recall information.

Our participation in the Active After School Communities program is continuing this year. The program is funded by the Australian Sports Commission which allows us to provide qualified coaches and a healthy snack for the children. In Term One we are running a girls Soccer session on Monday night, and Karate on Thursday night. The children are enthusiastic about participating in the program and look forward to improving their skills, as well as improving their fitness and having some fun after school.

Interschool sport is another opportunity for our Year Six children. In Term One and Two they participate in a competitive sporting program, competing against children from other local schools in the St Albans area. We have already commenced the program with our first games held last week. This term we are playing basketball and tee ball. We were not very successful, winning one of the matches and losing two, but the children developed their knowledge of the games they were playing. This was a new experience for many of the children – playing in a competitive team sport. The children had a great time and displayed a positive attitude to playing in their school team.

The School and District Athletics Carnivals will be held early in Term Three and the Whole School Swimming program is booked in at Maribyrnong Aquatic Centre for December. More opportunities…….