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Term 2 Week 6

Over the last 3 weeks the Year 5/6 children have been developing their understanding of the rules and necessary skills associated with softball. They have found striking the ball very difficult to master. However through lots of practice, many began to feel more confident when attempting to strike the ball. General ball-handling skills improved during the 3 weeks such as throwing(both overhead and underarm), catching and fielding, as well as general game sense.

During the same period the rest of the school have participated in a unit of work covering Gymnastics. The Preps started off learning how to perform a straddle roll and forward roll from a crouch position. After that they learnt how to perform a running forward roll. Most of the Preps really enjoyed rolling about on the large gym mats.

The Years 1/2s and 3/4s were engaged in refining their running forward and dive rolls. They enjoyed the challenge of performing these skills and worked with enthusiasm to complete set tasks.

On display was a wide range of abilities with children working hard developing basic skills, extending themselves by diving through and over objects, as well as performing synchronized rolls with partners. Some of the children were diving in groups of 4 or 5. What fantastic teamwork.

It has been a busy 3 weeks with report writing, but we have had a lot of fun, kept safe and worked hard with many successes.

Happenings in the Hall

It’s been another great week in PE. Children have participated in a range of activities providing for many different learning outcomes. They enjoyed their experiences and displayed vigor and vitality when challenged to learn and develop their skills.

Our little Preps practiced running safely in a confined space and enjoyed playing a new running game. They are beginning to display more awareness of other children when they are moving and most are displaying safe behaviour. The main focus of the lesson was to learn how to dance the ‘Emus and Kangaroos’- an Australian Bush dance. The children had a lot of fun learning the steps and most of them were able to perform the dance.

The Year 1/2 children participated in activities based around developing kicking and dribbling skills. They tried hard to improve their skills and these were on display in some minor kicking games that were played. There was a huge range in abilities on show as some of the boys play games of soccer continuously at recess and lunch breaks. One of our boys, Amir has such good skills that he was made captain of his local soccer team. A future Timmy Cahill.

For the children in Year 3/4 this week was on opportunity for the children to take responsibility and organise their own games of Newcomb. Over the past few weeks the focus has been to develop their skills and knowledge of how to play the game. It was great to see that they were able to work together cooperatively and get themselves organised(with only a little help).  They played some great games with many long rallies.

The Year 5/6 brought their ipads to PE this week and the focus was to be able to analyse and reflect on their performance. Working in pairs, they took a video of each other performing a variety of actions including safety rolls on the large gym mat, running between rungs of a ladder and balancing on beams. They enjoyed viewing the footage and most children were able to suggest what they could do to improve on their performance. One of the highlights of the week for me was Cindy performing her first ever safety roll correctly. We timed everyone running the ladder. They were keen to see who was the quickest. The children have probably never showed as much enthusiasm before when working with numbers, when they used their ipads to record the time it took everyone to run. The other highlight of the week was yours truly being timed at almost half a second quicker than any of the children.

Term One Reflections

With Term One almost over, it is time to reflect on the children’s performance and skill development in Physical Education. It has been a busy term with all year levels having the opportunity to develop a range of skills, knowledge and understandings. All children have been working on improving their level of fitness. Almost all PE sessions have commenced with children running laps of the oval, trying to improve their running stamina. They have learnt how to improve their breathing technique and running style.

The children in Foundation level have settled into school well and are beginning to understand the nature of Physical Education lessons. They have spent time developing their understanding of the safety issues and rules relating to safe play and participation in the lesson. Much time has been spent improving their awareness of others and ability to run and move safely in activities and games. They have began to develop their running, catching, kicking and vertical jumping skills and have displayed these skills in a variety of minor games.

Year One/Two children have also consolidated their understanding of factors relating to safety when participating in Physical Education lessons. They have participated in lessons designed to develop their running, dodging, vertical jumping and overhand throwing skills. The children have enjoyed participating in all activities and have shown considerable improvement in their ability to perform these skills.

Year Three/Four children have been the big improvers in their running skills. They have tried very hard to improve their running technique and stamina, and distance they can cover. This term they have participated in two units of work covering Teeball and Gymnastics. In Teeball they have developed their overhand throwing, catching and two-hand side-on striking skills. They have also improved their understanding of how to play the game, developing their knowledge of the rules and their ability to make appropriate decisions when playing the game. In Gymnastics the children have consolidated their ability to perform  a forward roll. They have been very enthusiastic during these lessons and have displayed a willingness to work hard to improve their skills.

In Year Five/Six the children have been developing skills associated with the games played in Interschool Sport. With only a few of our children involved in playing competitive sport outside of school, it is necessary to develop their understanding of rules, game sense and skills that are required to participate in these sports. The sports involved are Teeball, Basketball and Tchoukball. The children have developed a range of skills, including overhand throwing, catching, two-hand side-on striking skills and dribbling. Most children are new to the game of Tchoukball and displaying enthusiasm, they have quickly developed their ability to understand and play the game.

Wishing everyone a safe, happy and active holiday.

Term Three Reflections

With Term Three coming to an end, it is time to reflect on some of the events that have occurred in PE at SAEPS. Year 3-6 students have focussed on developing their athletics skills in readiness for the District Athletics Carnival. As a results of their performances at the carnival, six of our students were invited to attend the Regional Athletics which are being held later this week. Year 3-4 students also participated in a mini AFL football unit to help them develop their skills in preparation Western Bulldogs Cultural Cup footy gala day.

Prep -2 students have continued to develop and refine fundamental motor skills such as dodging, running and forehand strike. Year 1-2 students also have continued to improve their skipping skills. It’s great to see many of them skipping in the yard at recess and lunch time.

AASC for this term has seen the students participate in Pakour(movement) and Karate. Both coaches, Wendy for Karate and Sam for Pakour have worked hard to provide an enjoyable and challenging program. The participants have developed their skills and fitness levels. Both coaches have been impressed with the behaviour and effort of all children.