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Interschool Sports begins for 2019

Year 6 children participated in their first day of Interschool Sport competition on Friday. The children were excited as well as a little nervous. For many of the children it was their first ever competitive sporting game. We played against St Augustines PS at home in games of basketball, teeball and tennis. It was great to see them working hard displaying their skills, developing their knowledge of the games they played and having fun. SAEPS only won one game, but the children were not too disappointed and look forward to next weeks games against Holy Eucharist

Boys Teeball- by Alfred and Edward

We played St Augustines in boys teeball. We won by 2 points. The scores were East 21 and St Augustines 19. It was a great game. A funny part was when a boy from St Augustines was batting. He hit the ball and was running to first base, but he didn’t stop at the base-he just kept on going straight past it. Our batters had a lot of good hits and home runs. We all played well, had fun and next week we are playing Holy Eucharist. We would like to thank Mr. Sherwill for giving us the opportunity to play.

Tennis- by Cadence

Hi, I’m CC and I would like to tell you about what happened in Interschool Sport for tennis. First of all I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that out tennis team lost against St Augustines. They won 4 games and we won 2. They were a friendly bunch of kids and they played fair and really well. And now for the good news. Everyone that played tennis learnt from the games and the mistakes they made. Everyone had a good time.

Girls Basketball- by Raven

We played Interschool Sport basketball for the first time against St Augustines. We played fairly and had fun. SAEPS lost be we still had fun and learnt some skills that we can improve on next time we play. The scores were SAEPS 2 and St Augustines 38.

Girls Teeball- by Eishal

Hi, my name is Eishal and I play for the girls teeball team. Today was our first game for Interschool Sport against St Austines. Sadly we lost. The scores were East 18 and St Augustines 21. It was a very close match. Knowing that we lost, we know we had to work harder in the future. We had fun with our amazing coach Miss Briony. I would like to thank the grade 5’s for playing with us, Sarah, Mecon and Tori. You guys were amazing.

Children Compete Against St Augustines

Hi my name is Lavina and I am Kuini, and we played against St Augustine’s Primary School. We played girls basketball, the scores were 2 East and 18 St Augustine. It took a lot of tears, pain and laughs to get through this game. We unfortunately lost but at least we tried our best.  Our team mates were Azaria, Esther, Kaylee, Haylee, Vy and Jada. Our captain was Haylee, she motivated us to become one as a team. We had a great time and we had fun. We also had fun practicing.   At the end of the day we realized this one quote… Success isn’t given. Its earned on the track, on the field, in the classroom-with blood, sweat and the occasional tear.

Hi my name is Deven and I am Nikihil and today we played against St. Augustine in boys basketball. The scores were 20 Augustine and 6 East. We tried our best but still lost. The best players were, Lefata because he tried to get a lot of goals and stayed calm, Brandyn because he helped us to score, Nikihil because he was a great captain. Written by Nikihil and Deven.

Hi my name is Charli  and I’m Shykeena. We played  against St Augustines in tennis. The score was 1/6 and sadly we lost. We are very proud since we all know that we tried our hardest and  improved our skills and did a awesome effort . Tu Van and Khang were really good sports and not only them but all the others too. We all had fun and that’s what matters Written by Shykeena and Charli

Hi, I’m Jordan  a Tee-Baller and here to report for duty. The scores for boys tee-ball are in. We got fourteen home runs and St Augustines with a whopping thirty home runs. As you can see we have lost but as our coach always says winning is NOT important but learning makes the difference. Our best player was Alfonso, he got two players out in a row. It was an intense game the ball flew right and left. We started off well but in the end we sadly lost.

Hey, hi and hello! My name is Sally and l’m here to report the girls tee-ball. I’m part of the team so it makes perfect sense that l’ll be reporting to you whatever happens behind the scenes [well most anyways]. Last week [16.3.18] was our 6th game of the term.We were all off to a great start, we were all very energetic and excited, as our previous game didn’t end as well (aka we lost).Which of course doesn’t absolutely matter, winning doesn’t, as long as we had fun and learn from it. We played against St. Augustines this week. The scores for girls tee-ball were, 16 Augustines and 21 East. We had loads of fun trying our best in both batting and fielding, as u can see our effort was worth it.

Boys Basketball Team Reach Finals

Last Friday, March 17th SAEPS children participated in the last round of Summer Interschool Sport against St Albans Meadows at home. Over the last few weeks it has been wonderful to witness our children confidently applying their vastly improved skills in a competitive situations. They have displayed fairness and sportsmanship at all times when competing. I have heard many positive comments from visiting teachers about the children and they should be proud of what they have achieved this term. Congratulations to the Boys Basketball who went through the season undefeated. They will be playing against St Augustines PS later this term. You will find details of last Friday’s action in the match reports below.

Today we played against St. Albans Meadows at home and it was perfect weather for a great game of T-ball. St. Albans Meadows is the best team we have played so far and we learnt a lot from them. We learnt how to tag and to pass the ball to the best person. Ethan was our best player and he was the only one to make two home runs. Khen, Kordan, Steven Stephen, Mohammed and Leo made single home runs. Unfortunately we lost the game, but we still had fun. The scores were 35 to 8.     Written by Stephen

Today we played tennis against St Ajbans Meadows. Unfortunately we lost. The scores were 6 to Meadows and 0 to SAEPS. But we still felt like champions and we had a lot of fun these last few weeks. We have learnt a lot and have improved our tennis skills. We have met many new people and even though we didn’t win many games we still tried our best. If you are thinking of getting into tennis we recommend you should as you will improve your skills and really enjoy it.         Written by Doan and Yeeva

Today was our last game of Girls basketball. Like always we had fun and continued to improve our skills. We played against St Albans Meadows. The scores were East 8 and Meadows 14. It was a good game. Their team was very cooperative. Even though we lost, we all felt that this was our best game so far.    Written by Rebecca

Today we played Meadows in Boys basketball. The scores were Meadows 3 and SAEPS 15. We all played well. We have been undefeated all season. Thanks to Mr Z and Mr S for coaching us and well done to the whole team.    Written by Neli and Brian



Rd 3 Interschool match reports University Park Feb 24th

We were on the road again for Interschool Sport on Friday competing against University Park PS at their school. The children have been working really hard to develop their skills and  understanding of how to play their sport. The boys’ basketball team appears to be setting the standard for others to follow as they remain undefeated. Well done boys. It was fantastic to see the tennis team have their first win for the season. Great work.

Last Friday we played against Uni Park in girls’ teeball. Both teams played outstandingly, but unfortunately we lost by 2 runs. The score was East 15 to UPPS 17. Our best players were Kathy for encouraging others and Julie for displaying good sportsmanship. Everyone tried their best and we all had fun.    By Truc and Julie

On Friday, the girls’ basketball team played against Uni Park PS. It was a very good game and we had lots of fun. Uni Park were friendly and good to play against. The Scores were East 4 and UPPS 20. Although we lost, this was our best game we have played so far. The best players for East were Rebecca, Vyvyan, Mimi and Kathleen. Uni Park were friendly and good to play against.  By Vyvyan and Rebecca

On Friday, the boys had a game of basketball against Uni Park. We had a good game and the scores were close. The scores were East 14 to Uni Park 12. The best players were Prince, Levi and Brian. They were a good team to play against and l hope we can play against them again.   By Brian

We played University Park PS on Friday in boys’ teeball. It was a good game and our players displayed some good skills during the game. Best players for us were Ethan, Mohammad and Thinh. It was fun playing and everyone enjoyed themselves.   By Steven

On Friday, the tennis team played against University Park. It was a sunny day and the bus was not late this time. We all played really well and fortunately we won. East 4 –Uni Park 0. Everyone tried their best and we played some great games. We had a good bus trip and the bus driver let us listen to music.    By Doan

SAEPS vs North -Interschool Sport Week 2

This week we played against St Albans North in Interschool Sport at home. The children appeared to have overcome the nervousness they displayed before last week games and were showing some signs of confidence. They had some time to practise their skills before North arrived and I’m sure that helped them in their games. We had some success winning 2 games and 1 game tied.

Boys Basketball-written by Neli and Sa

We had a great time playing basketball against North. It was a clean game and we won. The score was SAEPS 12 and North 11. It was a close game. Levi, Brian and Prince played really well, scoring all the goals.

Tennis-written by Garang

Hi, my name is Garang and we played tennis against St Albans North Primary School. They played well and so did we. The score was SAEPS 0 to North 6. We had lots of fun and we were all nice to each other.

Girls Teeball-written by Truc and Himanot

This morning we played against St Albans North. Our best players were Hope, Lavonia, and Himanot. Our game was a draw-24 to 24. We felt proud of our team because we tied the game and we had lots of fun.

Girls Basketball-written by Rebecca and Mimi

Today the girls basketball team played against St Albans North PS. The score was SAEPS 0 and North 20. We lost but we had lots of fun and are determined to improve for future games. Their school had some outstanding players and we learnt lots from them.

Boys Teeball-written by Ethan and Christian

We played against St Albans North in teeball. Even though we were short a few players we still played well. We were much better at checking whether it was safe to run or not. It was a good match and they were a really good school to play against. We won the match by 6 runs. The score was 16 to 10. Yeah!!

Children play their first Interschool Sport games.

Year 6 children participated in their first day of Interschool Sport competition on Friday. As they assembled in the hall before leaving, there was an air of excitement as well as quite a bit of nervousness. We travelled to Holy Eucharist to play against their children in Basketball, Teeball and Tennis. The children were great and for many of them it was their first ever competitive game. Although we did not win all matches they all enjoyed themselves, improved their skills and played really well. Below are reports on the games written by some of the children.

Tennis-written by Hoang

On Friday the 10th, the SAEPS tennis team went to play Holy Eucharist. When we got there the school was very welcoming. This was our first game of inter-school sports of the year; we were nervous but extremely excited at the same time. It was a great game, we played well but unfortunately, we lost 4 Holy Eucharist -0 SAEPS. Overall, we had a great game and lots of fun!

Girl’s Basketball-written by Lindzy and Kathleen

Last Friday we played against Holy Eucharist in girls’ Basketball. It was a fun game even though we lost 0-5 and everybody enjoyed themselves. Our best players were Rebecca for trying to shoot multiple goals, Mimi for great defending and Vyvyan for her wonderful effort. We would like to thank our coach Mr. Z for training us for the game.

Girls T-ball-written by Truc

Last Friday the girls  T-ball did not play because Holy Eucharist was unable to come to our school. We practised on the oval to improve our skills. Mr. Gandy, our coach, took slow motion videos of us batting to see our technique and how we could improve. We are looking forward to our next game.

Boys T-ball-written by Thinh

On the 10th of February we played Holy Eucharist in boys T-ball. We were slightly delayed by the bus. The school was nice when we came. This was our first game and we were nervous and excited. They played very well but we came out on top. The final scores were SAEPS 15 and Holy Eucharist 10. It was a great game and a good match. We hope to play them again soon.

Boys Basketball-written by Adrian

On Friday the 10th of February we played against Holy Eucharist in Boys Basketball. It was a rough game, but we came out winners. The score was Holy Eucharist 7 and SAEPS 8. Prince and Levi had a great game.Well done.


East Against Heights

Today we played against St Albans Heights in Interschool Sport at their school. Once again we all tried our best and everyone displayed great sportsmanship. It was a very hot day which made it difficult to concentrate when playing our matches. We performed better than last week, which is the result of the children practicing very hard during the week.

We were all very proud with our effort and even though we lost, we had fun and it was a great game of girls Teeball (Jennifer)

Today we cooperated while we played Teeball. We worked really hard and it was a lot of fun. (Lisa)

We enjoyed playing basketball and meeting new people.(Jola)

We enjoyed playing against Heights and had a fun day.(Kimbo)

Score were            East            Heights

Bat tennis                3                     3

Girls Teeball           14                   26

Boys Teeball           35                   16

Girls Basketball     16                   22

Boys Basketball      4                    14

Children compete against Meadows in Interschool Sport

Today the Year 6 children had their first taste of Interschool Sport for 2015. They had been practicing all week and were keen to play and display their skills. The sports we are playing this term are girls and boys basketball, girls and boys teeball and bat tennis. Todays games were against St Albans Meadows at our school. We won 2 of the matches an lost 3. Although not all children were on winning teams, everyone had a great time and tried very hard. This was the first ever experience of participating in competitive sport for most of our children- a great effort. Special mention to Daniel and Jackson for taking fantastic catches in Teeball.

Scores                       East      Meadows

Bat tennis                  1                  5

Girls B’ball                16               14

Boys B’ball                20               0

Girls Teeball            3                  42

Boys Teeball            7                  35

Next week we are walking over to St Albans Heights to play our matches against them. Let’s hope we can do our best.


2014 – A Year of Opportunities


2014 promises to be another exciting year at SAEPS with many opportunities for the children to learn and participate in games and other physical activities. I look forward to introducing the children to new games and activities throughout the year, and further developing their knowledge, understanding and skills. Not only will their physical skills, such as running, throwing, catching, jumping, striking, …etc be developed, but the children’s social, emotional, cooperative and leadership skills will also be enhanced as a result of their participation in physical activities.

The weekly one hour Physical Education lesson provides the children with the opportunity to learn and improve their competency in a range of physical skills. Involvement in competitive and non-competitive games allows them to practise and refine these skills, as well as providing opportunities to develop teamwork, collaboration, cooperation and leadership skills. Prep children will also participate in a Perceptual Motor Program which aims to develop language, motor, visual, auditory, social and memory space  such as the ability to remember instructions and recall information.

Our participation in the Active After School Communities program is continuing this year. The program is funded by the Australian Sports Commission which allows us to provide qualified coaches and a healthy snack for the children. In Term One we are running a girls Soccer session on Monday night, and Karate on Thursday night. The children are enthusiastic about participating in the program and look forward to improving their skills, as well as improving their fitness and having some fun after school.

Interschool sport is another opportunity for our Year Six children. In Term One and Two they participate in a competitive sporting program, competing against children from other local schools in the St Albans area. We have already commenced the program with our first games held last week. This term we are playing basketball and tee ball. We were not very successful, winning one of the matches and losing two, but the children developed their knowledge of the games they were playing. This was a new experience for many of the children – playing in a competitive team sport. The children had a great time and displayed a positive attitude to playing in their school team.

The School and District Athletics Carnivals will be held early in Term Three and the Whole School Swimming program is booked in at Maribyrnong Aquatic Centre for December. More opportunities…….