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Somers Campers are having a fantastic time

15 students from SAEPS are having the experience of a lifetime participating in a variety of activities whilst staying at Somers Camp. They are continually facing challenges of all kinds with everyone still walking around the camp with huge smiles on their face. Below are some of the comments that they have made about their experiences.

The activities at Somers Camp are very exciting to do. My favourite activity was archery because l got to learn new skills.           Thinh

I have made lots of new friends. I miss my family, but l am going to see them on Sunday.                      Lavonia

I like Somers because it is fun. Last night we went on a bush walk and it was fun, but cold. The beach was freezing. I have made lots of new friends.                                    Amy

For the last three days l have made lots of friends and l hope to make more.                               Rhiannon Ward

Somers Camp is awesome. We saw koalas. We made tea and damper in bush cooking. We made art on the beach. At night we told scary stories.      Tiffany

I am enjoying Somers Camp because l have made new friends. I like the food and l really enjoyed archery.        Chanh

Oh my God. The food is like heaven.        Garang

I wish l could never leave here.            Zac

The camp is amazing. l have loved archery and orienteering. It is a really a very big camp and it is very enjoyable.      Lindzy

The food is yummy and it is fun exploring the camp.     Khen

I am really having fun at Somers camp and it is the best.      Paul

OMG! I hope l come back here another time.         Connor

We had a great day today. We did the low ropes course. It was really easy, except for the log which was really challenging.           Anna

I have had a great time doing all sorts of activities. My favourite one was eating all the delicious food. It is great.     Shane

We are having a great time and the teachers are really nice. The night hike was exciting. We walked along the beach.   Rhiannon Williams