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SAEPS Students Preparing Camp Woorabinda

31 Year 5 students from our school are preparing to attend Camp Woorabinda later this month. Camp Woorabinda  is a government residential school located on the shores of Lake Narracan in the LaTrobe Valley. It is situated on 100 Hectares of native bush, open paddocks, hidden wetlands and temperate rain forest.

The camp offers programs in environmental studies, sustainable practice, team building initiatives and challenging adventure activities. The activities are mainly physical and outdoor, all which require a reasonable level of physical fitness. These include bushwalking, canoeing, high and low ropes course and night hiking.  Other activities include bush cooking, archery, art, drama and nature studies.(see below)

Vy: I’m excited about the Low and High rope course.

Cohen: I’m pretty excited to go to the camp and meet new friends, go on fun activities (E.g: Canoeing), I’m very excited.

Duyen: l am excited to go to camp to experience new things and to try out the activities. to learn more and interact with new people.

Vanessa: lam excited to experience the wild life and socialize with the other schools.(crazy legs)

Henry: I’m exited to experience how it’s like in the world and I’m pretty excited for the canoeing.

Tracy:l want to experience how hard it will be in the bush.

Catherine: l am excited to go and  experience camp.

Sally:I’m excited to experience 5 days being independent away from my loving family

Day 2 at Camp Woorabinda

Ten children from Years 4/5 have spent the last two days at Camp Woorabinda. The camp is situated just north of Moe on the shores of Lake Naracan. It is a beautiful bush setting containing many different varieties of flora and fauna. We arrived yesterday morning, after spending approximately three hours travelling on the bus with children from Sydenham PS. Instead of being dropped at the camp, we got off the bus about five kilometres from camp and walked into the bush to cook our lunch on fires that the children lit. After lunch we then continued our walk into the camp. I think this was the first time that some of them had been bushwalking. What a great way to begin our week long adventure.

In total there are about 60 children attending the camp, with the majority of them coming from schools in the East Gippsland region. It is fantastic to the children from our school mixing and making new friends with the country children.The camp offers the children a range of activities such as environmental studies, high and low ropes courses, canoeing, archery and initiative activities. Fluffy the carpet python has been a real hit with the children – many have had him slithering around their neck and bodies. Our children have met many challenges with enthusiasm and I am sure that they will return to school displaying more confidence, social skills, self-esteem and understanding of the Australian bush. There will be many stories to tell their family and friends when they return on Friday.