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AASC-students having a great time

Approximately 45 of our students are participating in the two sessions of Active After School Communities Program this term. Karate and basketball are the two sports that have been offered. Most of the participants are from the Prep to 2 grades and they are quickly developing their skills, and having a lot of fun as well.

Our karate coach is Wendy Walsh who has  her  group working hard developing their fitness and karate skills. Wendy has coached sessions before at SAEPS and we are lucky to have someone of her experience. She has not often worked with younger children, but has adapted her activities to meet their ability and needs.

Ricky Seguna is our basketball coach. He has the children working mainly on improving their ball handling skills specific to basketball. The children have been involved in a range of activities which have not only allowed them to develop their physical abilities, but also social skills.


Active After School Program -Term 4

Once again our students will have the opportunity to participate in the AASC program this term. This term we are providing coaches for basketball and karate. For the first time, we will be offering the program to students to students in the junior school. Notices have been sent home and the response so far has been great. Unfortunately, due to a limit on the number of participants in each session, some may have to miss out.

SAEPS students enjoying Active After School Communities program

Once again our students are participating in the AASC program this term which is being conducted on Mondays and Thursdays after school. The aim of the program is to increase fitness and sporting skills, as well as improving student engagement, school connectedness and academic performance through involvement in sporting activity. Approximately 40 students are participating in the two sessions that are being provided this term.

For the first time we are running a girls only Soccer program, which is on Mondays. Girls from Foundation to Year 6 are participating in this exciting program which is being run by coach Tijen Hussein. The girls are having a great time, working really well together and have displayed a huge improvement in their soccer skills. Tijen has been impressed with their positive attitude and their willingness to participate in all activities. Funding has been made available from Football Federation Victoria and AASC for the girls to visit the Cairnlea FC Sports Club next week and hold the session there. The girls are all very excited about the visit and it is hoped that some of them will make the transition to playing regularly with the club.

On Thursdays we are lucky to have Wendy Walsh, returning to our school for a second time, to run Karate sessions. Wendy, who is very experienced, has the participants working very hard on improving their skills and fitness. The students, who are very enthusiastic and committed, have been engaged in a wide variety of activities designed to give them a taste of what is involved in Karate. Some of the participants are enjoying the program so much, that they have indicated that they would like to join a Karate club once the program has finished.

Tijen talking with the soccer girls



Wendy demonstrating a karate skill



2014 – A Year of Opportunities


2014 promises to be another exciting year at SAEPS with many opportunities for the children to learn and participate in games and other physical activities. I look forward to introducing the children to new games and activities throughout the year, and further developing their knowledge, understanding and skills. Not only will their physical skills, such as running, throwing, catching, jumping, striking, …etc be developed, but the children’s social, emotional, cooperative and leadership skills will also be enhanced as a result of their participation in physical activities.

The weekly one hour Physical Education lesson provides the children with the opportunity to learn and improve their competency in a range of physical skills. Involvement in competitive and non-competitive games allows them to practise and refine these skills, as well as providing opportunities to develop teamwork, collaboration, cooperation and leadership skills. Prep children will also participate in a Perceptual Motor Program which aims to develop language, motor, visual, auditory, social and memory space  such as the ability to remember instructions and recall information.

Our participation in the Active After School Communities program is continuing this year. The program is funded by the Australian Sports Commission which allows us to provide qualified coaches and a healthy snack for the children. In Term One we are running a girls Soccer session on Monday night, and Karate on Thursday night. The children are enthusiastic about participating in the program and look forward to improving their skills, as well as improving their fitness and having some fun after school.

Interschool sport is another opportunity for our Year Six children. In Term One and Two they participate in a competitive sporting program, competing against children from other local schools in the St Albans area. We have already commenced the program with our first games held last week. This term we are playing basketball and tee ball. We were not very successful, winning one of the matches and losing two, but the children developed their knowledge of the games they were playing. This was a new experience for many of the children – playing in a competitive team sport. The children had a great time and displayed a positive attitude to playing in their school team.

The School and District Athletics Carnivals will be held early in Term Three and the Whole School Swimming program is booked in at Maribyrnong Aquatic Centre for December. More opportunities…….

Term Three Active After School Communities Program commences

Last week the Active After School Communities program commenced for term 3. AASC is a program funded by the Federal Government and aims at increasing children’s participation in physical activity and fitness levels, as well as improving student engagement, school connectiveness and academic performance through involvement in sporting activities. The activities for this term are Karate on Monday nights and Fitness Activities on Thursday. Approximately 20 children are participating in each session, working with enthusiasm to improve their skills. The children are looking forward to the sessions this week.