23/03/2018 Holy Eucharist

Hi my name is Lavina, this is  Sapa and Azaria. Our team mates were  Esther, Kuini, Jada, Haylee, Vy and Kaylee. We played for the girls basketball. Sadly this is our last game for the term. The scores were 4  East and 12  Eucharist. They were really good and competitive. Unfortunately we lost, but still tried our best. We want to give a big thanks to Mr Zaitzev for being our couch and putting up with us through this term, and another big thanks to Mr Sherwill for organizing our games and encouraging us to do our best and have fun. Another HUGE shout out is to all the girls that put their effort and hearts into the games this term, and trying their best everyday even if it doesnt include sports. This term with the girls was really good, we helped each other, tried our best

Hi my name is Deven Denkey and this is Nikhil M, andtoday we played for the boys basketball. The scores were 8 SAEPS and 1 Holy Eucharist. We came out winning like the Richmond Tigers. We tried our best to try and win.

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