Children Compete Against St Augustines

Hi my name is Lavina and I am Kuini, and we played against St Augustine’s Primary School. We played girls basketball, the scores were 2 East and 18 St Augustine. It took a lot of tears, pain and laughs to get through this game. We unfortunately lost but at least we tried our best.  Our team mates were Azaria, Esther, Kaylee, Haylee, Vy and Jada. Our captain was Haylee, she motivated us to become one as a team. We had a great time and we had fun. We also had fun practicing.   At the end of the day we realized this one quote… Success isn’t given. Its earned on the track, on the field, in the classroom-with blood, sweat and the occasional tear.

Hi my name is Deven and I am Nikihil and today we played against St. Augustine in boys basketball. The scores were 20 Augustine and 6 East. We tried our best but still lost. The best players were, Lefata because he tried to get a lot of goals and stayed calm, Brandyn because he helped us to score, Nikihil because he was a great captain. Written by Nikihil and Deven.

Hi my name is Charli  and I’m Shykeena. We played  against St Augustines in tennis. The score was 1/6 and sadly we lost. We are very proud since we all know that we tried our hardest and  improved our skills and did a awesome effort . Tu Van and Khang were really good sports and not only them but all the others too. We all had fun and that’s what matters Written by Shykeena and Charli

Hi, I’m Jordan  a Tee-Baller and here to report for duty. The scores for boys tee-ball are in. We got fourteen home runs and St Augustines with a whopping thirty home runs. As you can see we have lost but as our coach always says winning is NOT important but learning makes the difference. Our best player was Alfonso, he got two players out in a row. It was an intense game the ball flew right and left. We started off well but in the end we sadly lost.

Hey, hi and hello! My name is Sally and l’m here to report the girls tee-ball. I’m part of the team so it makes perfect sense that l’ll be reporting to you whatever happens behind the scenes [well most anyways]. Last week [16.3.18] was our 6th game of the term.We were all off to a great start, we were all very energetic and excited, as our previous game didn’t end as well (aka we lost).Which of course doesn’t absolutely matter, winning doesn’t, as long as we had fun and learn from it. We played against St. Augustines this week. The scores for girls tee-ball were, 16 Augustines and 21 East. We had loads of fun trying our best in both batting and fielding, as u can see our effort was worth it.

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