SAEPS travel to St Albans PS for Interschool Sport

Last Friday, May 12th we travelled to St Albans Primary School for Interschool Sport. We unfortunately did not win any of the matches, although the boy’s softball tied their match. If success is measured by winning and losing alone, then we are not doing very well. But if you consider how much the children have learnt about their respective sports through participation in Interschool Sport(skills, rules and tactical awareness) then it is evident that there has been success. Add to this the growth in confidence, self-esteem, social skills and the ability to work cooperatively with others in teams. Need l say more?

I would like to mention the efforts of one of our girls in the softball team. Tiffany volunteered to be the pitcher for the team, not having ever done it before. She began with quite a few loose balls, but did not give up and began to pitch a few good ones. However not too many though. She was having trouble with her technique. At the end of 1st innings the coach asked Tiffany if she wanted to stop pitching. There was a quick “No”- she wanted to continue. Walking out to pitch in the 2nd innings Tiffany began with similar results to the 1st innings. Some good ones and some not so good ones. However there was some improvement as the match continued. What was constant during all of this was the confidence Tiffany displayed in her skills, the way she never gave up, never worried about her poor pitches and the huge smile that was always on her face. Great effort Tiffany.

Today the girls’ softball team played with St Albans Primary School. The scores were St Albans 12 to St Albans East 7. Unfortunately, we lost but we had an amazing game and we learnt lots and also taught the other team some things as well. All our players were champions and we worked co-operatively. We were not expecting to play on a different field away from the school, but it seemed better since their oval was quite small. Written by Rebecca

Today, the tchoukball team played against St Albans Primary School. Even though we unfortunately lost with the scores 27 – 22, we tried our best to play on an unfamiliar court. We all played our best and scored many goals. Some outstanding players were Sa, Brian, Levi and Thinh who had great throws, strong catches and powerful goals. St Albans Primary School’s court had some things similar to ours such as a large D, but their rebounding nets that were stronger than ours. The whole team would like to thank Mr Mussel for being a great coach. Written by Kathleen and Kathy

My name is Anna and on Friday, we played netball against St Albans at their school. The scores were St Albans East 0 to St Albans 7. Even though we lost the game, it was fun playing and we are learning more about netball. Everyone tried their best and had a great time.

Today we played softball against St Albans Primary School. It was a very challenging game. They were a good side to play against. The scores turned out to be a tie. The scores were four all. Our best players were Ethan, Adrian and Leo. It was a fun game.  Written by Adrian and Khen

Hi, my name is Rohilh and today we played boys netball against St Albans Primary School. The scores were 4 to 0 St Albans Primary School’s way. We lost, but everyone had fun. They were great players and were victorious. It was a great game.


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