SAEPS vs North -Interschool Sport Week 2

This week we played against St Albans North in Interschool Sport at home. The children appeared to have overcome the nervousness they displayed before last week games and were showing some signs of confidence. They had some time to practise their skills before North arrived and I’m sure that helped them in their games. We had some success winning 2 games and 1 game tied.

Boys Basketball-written by Neli and Sa

We had a great time playing basketball against North. It was a clean game and we won. The score was SAEPS 12 and North 11. It was a close game. Levi, Brian and Prince played really well, scoring all the goals.

Tennis-written by Garang

Hi, my name is Garang and we played tennis against St Albans North Primary School. They played well and so did we. The score was SAEPS 0 to North 6. We had lots of fun and we were all nice to each other.

Girls Teeball-written by Truc and Himanot

This morning we played against St Albans North. Our best players were Hope, Lavonia, and Himanot. Our game was a draw-24 to 24. We felt proud of our team because we tied the game and we had lots of fun.

Girls Basketball-written by Rebecca and Mimi

Today the girls basketball team played against St Albans North PS. The score was SAEPS 0 and North 20. We lost but we had lots of fun and are determined to improve for future games. Their school had some outstanding players and we learnt lots from them.

Boys Teeball-written by Ethan and Christian

We played against St Albans North in teeball. Even though we were short a few players we still played well. We were much better at checking whether it was safe to run or not. It was a good match and they were a really good school to play against. We won the match by 6 runs. The score was 16 to 10. Yeah!!

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