A Great Start To The Year

What a great start to the year it has been. The school is alive with happy children  all around the school engaged in a range of learning activities. In PE, children have been eager to participate during lessons and all grades have been working very well together.

Prep children have adjusted to structure and routines of school life really well. A lot of them were involved in the Pre-Prep program conducted last year which has helped them to develop a good understanding of expected behaviour in class. They have spent time in PE learning about rules, procedures and safe behaviour when working in the hall. They participated in movement activities that encouraged them to develop their awareness of, and move safely when playing around other children. Children learnt to recognise boundaries and participated in numerous movement and running activities.

Year 1/2 children also improved their understanding of safe behaviour when participating in activities in the hall.  We discussed how to run and move safely, keep our shoes tied tightly and be careful when using equipment. The children participated in activities to develop their use of small balls. They practiced their throwing and catching skills and used them in minor ball games.

The Year 3/4 children were also working on improving their                    throwing and catching skills. Activities were aimed at refining their techniques to improve accuracy and power. They learnt about teamwork and cooperating together when working in a team. They learnt how to play the game of Throwball, which is similar to Teeball.

Tennis has been all the go for the Year 5/6 children. They have participated in a range of activities to improve their racquet and ball control. They learnt how to play forehand and backhand ground shots and are beginning to display these skills when playing modified games of tennis. They are beginning to gain good control when striking the ball. The Year 6 children have also been preparing for Interschool Sport where they will be competing in games of Teeball, Basketball and Tennis.


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