Children play their first Interschool Sport games.

Year 6 children participated in their first day of Interschool Sport competition on Friday. As they assembled in the hall before leaving, there was an air of excitement as well as quite a bit of nervousness. We travelled to Holy Eucharist to play against their children in Basketball, Teeball and Tennis. The children were great and for many of them it was their first ever competitive game. Although we did not win all matches they all enjoyed themselves, improved their skills and played really well. Below are reports on the games written by some of the children.

Tennis-written by Hoang

On Friday the 10th, the SAEPS tennis team went to play Holy Eucharist. When we got there the school was very welcoming. This was our first game of inter-school sports of the year; we were nervous but extremely excited at the same time. It was a great game, we played well but unfortunately, we lost 4 Holy Eucharist -0 SAEPS. Overall, we had a great game and lots of fun!

Girl’s Basketball-written by Lindzy and Kathleen

Last Friday we played against Holy Eucharist in girls’ Basketball. It was a fun game even though we lost 0-5 and everybody enjoyed themselves. Our best players were Rebecca for trying to shoot multiple goals, Mimi for great defending and Vyvyan for her wonderful effort. We would like to thank our coach Mr. Z for training us for the game.

Girls T-ball-written by Truc

Last Friday the girls  T-ball did not play because Holy Eucharist was unable to come to our school. We practised on the oval to improve our skills. Mr. Gandy, our coach, took slow motion videos of us batting to see our technique and how we could improve. We are looking forward to our next game.

Boys T-ball-written by Thinh

On the 10th of February we played Holy Eucharist in boys T-ball. We were slightly delayed by the bus. The school was nice when we came. This was our first game and we were nervous and excited. They played very well but we came out on top. The final scores were SAEPS 15 and Holy Eucharist 10. It was a great game and a good match. We hope to play them again soon.

Boys Basketball-written by Adrian

On Friday the 10th of February we played against Holy Eucharist in Boys Basketball. It was a rough game, but we came out winners. The score was Holy Eucharist 7 and SAEPS 8. Prince and Levi had a great game.Well done.


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