Welcome to 2017

I would like to welcome everyone back to the new school year and hope that you had a happy and safe holiday period. It is exciting to see many new faces around the place. We have a new Acting Principal, Paul Busuttil who I’m sure will bring fresh ideas to enhance our great school. We also have approximately 60 new Prep students. These little additions to our school community are full of excitement and have adjusted to school life really well. You can see the benefits of the Pre-Prep program that the school ran last year

All children at SAEPS participate in a weekly one hour Physical Education lesson. The curriculum focuses on children enhancing their own and other’s health, well-being, safety and physical activity participation in a range of various activities. It aims to develop childrens knowledge, skills and motivation to lay the foundations for a lifelong involvement in physical activity. Physical Education addresses the acquisition of movement skills, concepts and strategies to allow children to participate in a range of physical activities.

During the year children will participate in a range of competitive and non-competitive games, as well as skill development sessions to improve their fundamental motor skills. In these activities they will have opportunities to develop teamwork, collaboration and leadership skills. As a result of their participation in Physical Education activities children will also have opportunities to enhance their social, emotional and cooperative skills.

Many of the activities that the children will be involved in are based around developing their fundamental motor skills of which there are two groups. The first group is the locomotor skills such as running, rolling, jumping, balancing, dodging, leaping, skipping and hopping. The other group is object control skills such as bouncing, kicking, throwing, catching and striking. Most skills used in sport and movement activities are advanced versions of fundamental motor skills.

Sport and sport education, gymnastics, dance, swimming, cooperative activities and athletics are also be included in the curriculum. The children will also be involved in fitness activities each lesson. Prep children will also participate in a weekly Perceptual Motor Program session which aims to develop language, motor, visual, auditory, social skills and memory space such as the ability to remember instructions and recall information.


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