Intergrating ICT into Physical Education

Our Year 5/6 children have been allotted an iPad for classroom use during the year. This week they brought them to PE lessons. The learning focus for the lesson was to video, reflect on and adjust their performances They were working on throwing frisbees. After demonstrating how to throw a frisbee, it was time for the children to begin their task. The children were working in pairs. First, one of the children videoed their partner having 3 attempts at throwing the frisbees. They then swapped roles so that all children had a video of their performance. They then had to analyse their attempts and choose their best effort. The children then had to edit their video so that they only kept their best performance. Next the children had to reflect on what components of the skill were missing(if any) from their best effort. They then had the opportunity to discuss with me what components were missing and what they needed to do to adjust and improve their frisbee throwing. Most of the children were able to reflect with some success and then went away to adjust their techniques. The children enjoyed the opportunity to use their iPads in PE and felt it was a worthwhile exercise. We will use them again in the future.

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