Week 7 PE at East

Students at Saeps have been busy improving a range of skills and understandings. The Preps have just completed a unit where they had the opportunity to develop their Vertical Jumping skills. It was pleasing to see the confidence and competence of the students develop during this unit. They are now working on their Gymnastics skills where they will learn to develop the ability to perform a forward roll. The Year 1/2 are beginning a unit on Forehand Strike. All skill components of the strike will be practised and the students will have the opportunity to apply it in a range of minor games. The Year 3/4 will have the opportunity to organise and play a game of Teeball. Students will learn what is required such as organising teams, equipment and the running of the game. Skills refined and developed will include overhand throwing, catching and two-hand side-on strike. Year 5/6 students will be participate in a cooperative running activity as a warm up. They will then work on developing their ability to play hockey with skills practise, followed by games.

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