Week 5 in PE

This week will give the opportunity for our students to develop a variety of skills and understandings. The Preps will commence a unit on improving their catching skills. They will be work on keeping their eyes focused on the ball, catching balls of different size and texture. They will also be given the opportunity to improve their agility and movement skills by completing an obstacle course. The Year 1/2 program will see the students refining their vertical jumping skills. They will also be learning the rules of Bushrangers, which is a ball evasion game. The Year 3/4s will be returning to Teeball which they experienced earlier in the year. They will be working to improve their decision making during the game. The Year 5/6 program will see the students complete the Badminton unit with a knockout competition. The students will learn what is involved in organising such an event and will take responsibilty for some of the roles.

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