Another Busy Week at East

Students at SAEPS will have another exciting and busy week in PE. Preps will continue to focus on developing their dodging skills. They will also complete activities to develop their balance and locomotion skills. Yr 1/2 will also continue with dodging activities, as well as beginning a unit of work on leaping. Yr 3/4 enjoyed working on their vaulting skills last week and they continue to develop these using the vaulting horse. They will also be working on developing their skills in Newcomb. This week they will be concentrating on rules and how to keep score in matches. The Yr 5/6s will also be vaulting again. Badminton will still continue to be the focus for the Yr 5/6s. They will also be learning how to keep score when playing a game. The Yr 5/6s will also be preparing for a Badminton competition to be held in the hall during lunchtimes.

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